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Writing Prompts September 18, 2007

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Hey guys, this is the website where you can find all of the writing prompts we’ve been using in class. , post a comment if you use the site or have any problems getting there.


3 Responses to “Writing Prompts”

  1. hatouma145 Says:

    Hi, Mr.Craig it is Fatouma. I went to your website I didn’t see the story that you read in class. ARE YOU GOING TO PUT IT ON YOUR WEBSITE.

  2. sandra145 Says:

    Hi, Mr.Craig this is Sandra. I thout you said you were going to put the Article that you read us in class.

  3. nellie145 Says:

    Hi Mr.Craig it’s me nellie, put something on your blog about that box i tryed to get the question sets but it won’t download!!!

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