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Diorama December 10, 2007

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Take one integral scene from the story, like a major turning point or a revelation (an event that was absolutely necessary for the development of the plot,) and re-create it in a box.

For diorama help, see this site ( or do a google image search for the word diorama (

Also, a special student researched website from Bushra in room 405 is excellent.  It can be found at (

And Juana in 406 found ( and it’s excellent.  It even provides picture based instructions.


9 Responses to “Diorama”

  1. melissa Says:

    i will like to do diorama

  2. Juana 406 Says:

    Mr.Craig I am doing a diorama!

  3. I chosed diorama………………..

  4. Tyjai Says:

    I choose diorama

  5. bushra Says:

    I choose this one!!!

  6. Nathaniel145 Says:

    I want to the diorama

  7. Diana 6-406 Says:

    MR.Craig i would like to do diorama

  8. Aaliyah Says:

    this is kind of cool.but i’m not doing it because i’m doing finger weaving(and also trying to dye the the threads)(L.O.L.)and Bushra don’t choose diorama choose finger weaving with me so that we can help eachother.ppppppppplllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaassssssseeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  9. adama145 Says:

    I chose diarama poet145.

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