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One Act December 10, 2007

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Select a single critical scene from the novel and develop it as a one act play.  Create your props and costumes, and act it out, with the appropriate number of actor/actress for the scene.  Bonus credit goes to the actors in the scene who also complete their own assignments.

You may use this website ( as a resource for your scene since it will be filmed as well.


9 Responses to “One Act”

  1. adama406 Says:

    I chose the oneact and my scene is the trial when Kira and Vandara went to trial.

  2. aramata Says:

    i’m doing kira,thomas,and matt i’m writing a snene when kira and thomas go look for matt.

  3. yolenny Says:

    mr.craig i want to do one act.

  4. lenny Says:

    I would like to do one act

  5. Diana 406 Says:

    Mr.Craig I am going to do one act

  6. yolenny Says:

    I am writing the snene where kira finds out that her father is alive.

  7. lenny Says:

    my one act for gathering blue is when kira’s father told her that jamison was the one who sent to kill him.

  8. Aaliyah Says:

    you all are not even posting/commenting on the right things!(da).

  9. Aaliyah Says:

    i would want to do it but i’m doing finger weaving because it’s different and kind of cool to me!(i’m even going to try dying the threads!)(L.O.L.)

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