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Personal Journal December 10, 2007

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Place yourself into the novel. What character would you play? What would be the roles you fulfilled daily? Do you have a family? Explain, in exceptional detail through a typed three page journal entry, how you exist in the village.


12 Responses to “Personal Journal”

  1. Rudison Matthew Says:

    personal journal

  2. muhamadou Says:

    i want personal journal

  3. edizon gaton Says:

    give me personal journal now!!!!!!

  4. Jorge Says:

    personal journal plz

  5. I want personal journal porfavor.

  6. Aaliyah Says:

    You all are stupid, something is wrong with everyone (the first 5 that commented)who commentedso brandon is going to speak spanish,jorge dont know how to write,”edizion” is all rude and dont know how to spell his on name,and rudie is just going to write “personal journal”.

  7. Aaliyah Says:

    well i would do it but i’m doing finger weaving(i’m trying to also dye the threads)(L.O.L.)

  8. i changed my mind. I am going to do personal journal.

  9. Aaliyah Says:

    cool destiny you’re doing personal journal too,well i would do it but it’s too much work for me(L.O.L.). also destiny can we start over and be friends again from what happend in class.

  10. robert hannibal Says:

    we need to talk

  11. robert hannibal Says:

    maria fico ?

  12. melanyn rivas Says:

    heiiiiii Mr.Craig im miss you dont take it wrong lol but you were so nice and i hope your classes are doing wonderful

    =) see you Mr.Craig
    passed by 2 show sum luv onlii

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