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Pop Song December 10, 2007

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Take two popular songs from the radio. Change the lyrics to the songs and perform your songs as if they were for a video to be aired on television. You’ll be filmed and we’ll watch the video in class. I’ll provide you with instrumentals to just about any song you’ll choose.

You may use this website ( as a resource for your scene since it will be filmed as well.


21 Responses to “Pop Song”

  1. yusef rice Says:

    i would like to do pop song

  2. isaiah lopez Says:

    I would like to do pop song

  3. i would like to do popsong

  4. Juan Says:

    pop song

  5. austrian Says:

    I will do popsong

  6. vicki Says:

    pop song all for that

  7. vicki Says:

    i want to do a pop quiz

  8. aly Says:


  9. Marvin Says:

    I choose a pop song.

  10. Andrew Collins Says:

    pop song is me

  11. Sara Says:

    I picked pop song

  12. Nellie Says:

    g-slide and crank dat

  13. Sara Says:

    I am doing Crack Dat and G-slide

  14. Marvin Says:

    I Get Money and Lip Gloss

  15. Tonnbou Says:

    i am going to do pop song

  16. Tonnbou Says:

    i cancel

  17. ryan holliday Says:

    popsong it is

  18. adama145 Says:

    I chose pop song poet145.

  19. Brittany Says:

    I will pick I believe I can fly

  20. andrew Says:

    songs not 4 me

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