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…Me… September 6, 2007

To describe oneself without coming off as arrogant or conceited. Not exactly the easiest task, but as a “self-proclaimed” wordsmith, I should be able to. I’m an educator, and have been teaching in a junior high/middle school in the Bronx for the past 8 years (145 Baby!) It has its moments, but I thoroughly love my job and all it entails. The kids, the parents, the administration (well two out of three ain’t bad…) and I wouldn’t dream of doing anything else. That’s not exactly true either, I have entertained the thought of moving on to different avenues, but then I get brought back to my senses by the smiling, crying, bickering, apologetic and genuine faces of my students. I have watched three classes graduate, this last being the most difficult however, and it’s left an empty nest feeling running through my bones. Things won’t be the same…miss them daily.

Second, or I guess it should really be first now; I’m a father. First time in fact, to a beautiful little handful named Madison (Good thing she was a girl, because we were sticking with the name no matter what…) who’s her parents pride and joy. Oodles and oodles of love pour forth each day, and we intend on filling her with nothing but happiness…at least until she starts breaking our things…

I’m married to an awesome super-woman named Sumie. She’s the Band-Aid to my wound, the bark to my tree, and I spread my love for her thick like peanut butter. We met in school, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and haven’t taken our hands..ahem…eyes off of each other ever since, even if those first few run-ins in communications class were not pleasant…

Son, brother, husband, father, father-figure, poet, writer, teacher, coach, mentor, athlete, finger-pecking web designer, photographer, artist, grocery shopper, laundry folder, music connoisseur, frustrated musician, dancer, handy-man, videographer, collector, Honda enthusiast, cartoon watcher, video-game player, slow starting procrastinator, proud time-waister, Heineken & Hennessey Privilege drinker, vacuumer, duster, dish dirtier, clothes ironer, floor sweeper, trash-maker, lawn cutter, leaf raker, mulch thrower, bottle warmer, baby feeder, fast driver, tiffany’s gifter, laugh provider, giggle inspirer…


3 Responses to “…Me…”

  1. wilfredo145 Says:

    what up mr pou poet yo u know what it is

  2. wow….I don’t know how I found this…this is what happens when you randomly surf the internet lol

  3. robert hannibal Says:

    super stuff lol

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