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Finger Weaving December 10, 2007

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Follow the directions found at and produce a small woven item in a similar fashion to the ones Kira was able to create in the story.

You may also use as another resource.

This last one is great also: 


Pop Song

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Take two popular songs from the radio. Change the lyrics to the songs and perform your songs as if they were for a video to be aired on television. You’ll be filmed and we’ll watch the video in class. I’ll provide you with instrumentals to just about any song you’ll choose.

You may use this website ( as a resource for your scene since it will be filmed as well.


Nursery Rhymes

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Take three nursery rhymes of at least three verses. Change the lyrics to fit three main characters from the novel. Record yourself singing your songs to the original tunes. I’ll provide the tunes for you.
You may use the following site as a resource for nursery rhymes:


After Classwork Enrichment October 17, 2007

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Today, once you’ve completed your typing assignment, you will surf these selected sites and complete the tasks.

1.  Take this brief, but informative Multiple Intelligences Survey and email the results to me.

2.  Once you’ve finished, depending on what it tells you, choose one of the options at this site and see what you may be interested in.


Downloadables, Question Sets, Writing Prompts, etc… October 9, 2007

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All of you who need extra question sets or replacements for any class handouts look to the right of the page and locate the widget (the slim black box) with the files inside.  Any question sets, writing prompts, handouts, etc… that you’ve received in class will be there.  Anytime you need a copy, all you have to do is click it, download it, and print it if you like.  You’re welcome!  Enjoy not being able to fall behind!


Jena Six Newsweek Article from Class September 20, 2007

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Click this link for the Jena Six article.


Writing Prompts September 18, 2007

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Hey guys, this is the website where you can find all of the writing prompts we’ve been using in class. , post a comment if you use the site or have any problems getting there.