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Personal Journal December 10, 2007

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Place yourself into the novel. What character would you play? What would be the roles you fulfilled daily? Do you have a family? Explain, in exceptional detail through a typed three page journal entry, how you exist in the village.



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Type a three page comparison/contrast essay, in which you take the characters, events, and plot of both The Giver and Gathering Blue and you show the similarities and differences of/between the two novels.  Pay close attention to character development, turning points, social attitudes and responsibilities, and daily life as a whole.



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Pretend you are a counselor, and it’s your job to come to the village and counsel certain characters about their daily lives and the problems they face.  Type out the five pages of notes you would have taken on each of three subjects.  You may select any of the major characters in the novel to interview.



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Type three separate one page diary entries, as if they had been written after the novel had finished, as if you were Kira, Jameson, and Matt, assuming all three can read and write.  Pay close attention to their dialects and character traits, as well as their roles within the novel.



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Take one integral scene from the story, like a major turning point or a revelation (an event that was absolutely necessary for the development of the plot,) and re-create it in a box.

For diorama help, see this site ( or do a google image search for the word diorama (

Also, a special student researched website from Bushra in room 405 is excellent.  It can be found at (

And Juana in 406 found ( and it’s excellent.  It even provides picture based instructions.


One Act

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Select a single critical scene from the novel and develop it as a one act play.  Create your props and costumes, and act it out, with the appropriate number of actor/actress for the scene.  Bonus credit goes to the actors in the scene who also complete their own assignments.

You may use this website ( as a resource for your scene since it will be filmed as well.


Mini Graphic Novel

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Identify ten selected scenes from the story, that when illustrated in full color and with the accompanying dialogue, can tell the whole story.  These scenes must be completed on single, unlined sheets of white, loose-leaf art paper.  I’ll provide you with the proper paper.  Minimal amounts of white space please.